About Us

About LTM

Our Company’s Background

  • 1999

LTM Technologies was formed in 1999 as a result of a management buy-out of Foseco Steel. The company’s main focus was to provide continual and increasing support and sales on Foseco Steel products into the local steel market.

  • 2004

LTM Technologies acquired Thermochem, a well-established supplier to the South African steel market, and the only South African manufacturer of continuous casting mould fluxes. The plant in Brakpan was moved to our premises in Vereeniging enabling us to optimise resources and production capability. LTM also acquired Pre-cast Refractory Castings (PRC) in 2004 with the aim of manufacturing the Foseco patented precast products in-house.

  • 2005

The company took a strategic decision in 2005 to get involved in a BBBEE transaction resulting in 26% equity acquisition by Mulondo Empowerment Legacy Investments, a black-owned investment company with interests in metallurgical and mining industries.  The transaction resulted in a name change to LTM Mulondo Holdings, a diversified Holdings Company incorporating well-known brands like, LTM Technologies, Thermochem and Pre-cast Refractory Castings.

  • 2013

LTM received ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification.

  • 2014

LTM was appointed as the South African agent for IFGL Refractories for their full range of ISO products as well as the sliding gates and purging plugs.LTM was also appointed as the agent for Monocon in South Africa with access to their globally established Gunning, Castable, Lance and Slag Dart products. They also design and manufacture a range of steel plant equipment like Refractory Applicators and Ladle Shroud Manipulators.

  • 2016

LTM established a new company, LTM Refractories which has a BBBEE Level 2 rating, aimed at offering our same products and services to our clients while benefiting our previously disadvantaged employees directly.
LTM also became the agent for NUPRO Corporation, specializing in Steel plant automation and monitoring systems through visual (camera) or vibration technology. BOF Autotap, Anti-slopping, slag detection, stirring detection, ladle view etc. are just a small glimpse of what they can supply. Their systems can be seen on their website www.nuprocorp.com
LTM started to Toll manufacture for RMS Refractory Solutions in 2016 and now makes their full range of castables, mortars and rammings.

  • 2017

LTM successfully implemented the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and received their certification.

  • 2018

LTM Successfully implemented and commissioned a Monocon ladle shroud manipulator at AMSA NC as well as a Nupro slagtracker system. LTM also became the agents for Tallman Technologies www.tallmantechnologies.ca. Tallman specialises in BOF lance tips and PCD lance technology.

  • 2020

LTM supplies Vacuum formed products to Mini mills for tundish linings.

  • 2021

LTM now supplies the full compliment of AMSA VDB’s oxygen lance and tip requirement with the Patented Tallman Technologies post combustion system.

expanded their Ladle Well filler business and now exports to Russia, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Bangladesh and Europe

 Our Vision

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To become the preferred supplier to our customers by continuously developing products and services that makes us:

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A leading manufacturer of monolithic refractory and precast products for various metallurgical industries.

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A leading supplier of cutting-edge technology for Steel Flow Control and High Temperature Process solutions.

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A leading manufacturer of Casting and Metallurgical Powders.

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 A leading supplier of Nozzle Filler.

Our Strategy

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The strategic intent of the group is to realise our goals through leveraging group resources and intellectual property.

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Resources from the various manufacturing plants tap into international technology through our agency, distribution and license agreements with Foseco (now owned by Vesuvius), IFGL Refractories, Monocon, Nupro and Nippon Thermochemical (Now part of the NSMP group of Japan).

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Intellectual Property is a significant contributor to our past success and future growth.

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Our individual stakeholders are all technically qualified in Metallurgy and Ceramics.